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Get Vaccinated Or Else Wizard Glitter Vinyl Sticker

Get Vaccinated Or Else Wizard Glitter Vinyl Sticker

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These silly wizard stickers don't fear rain or heat and are here to remind you to get vaccinated...or else–they're suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Made from flexible glitter vinyl, they have a silky feel and gloss finish with glitter in the background and eyes for added special effects.

The text around the outside reads "get vaccinated...or else" with the old disease researching wizard in full armor with a dagger in one hand and syringe in the other, making them perfect for the health conscious gamer.

Vinyl stickers are stickier, more durable, and fade resistant than other stickers making them a perfect addition to your gaming laptop or quest journal.

.: Material: flexible vinyl with glitter accents
.: Size: 5 inches (roughly hand sized)
.: Get vaccinated message from the resident disease researching wizard
.: Luxury silky feel with a gloss finish

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