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AroAce Werewolf 3 Inch Vinyl Stickers

AroAce Werewolf 3 Inch Vinyl Stickers

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These subtle asexual and aromantic pride flag werewolf stickers don't fear rain or heat and only want to be left alone to read –they're suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Made from flexible white vinyl, they have a silky feel and matte finish and the book and mug both have subtle pride flag designs making them perfect for the LGBTQIA+ gamer.

Vinyl stickers are stickier, more durable, and fade resistant than other stickers making them a perfect addition to your gaming laptop or quest journal.

.: Material: flexible vinyl with green border
.: Size: 3 inches
.: Subtle asexual and aromantic pride flags incorporated
.: Luxury silky feel with a matte finish

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