M.S. Illustration is owned by Boston area historian and illustrator M. Stock. M.S. Illustration specializes in original illustrations and fantasy art illustration and products made from M.'s paintings and drawings, including fantasy art apparel, coffee mugs and other ceramics, pins, stickers, key chains, patches, desk mats, mouse pads and other items that appeal to anyone who appreciates creative art and fans of fantasy art and gaming art. A drawing of a blonde haired princess in a red and grey dress with an M.S. Illustration logo.

Creative artwork that appeals to nerds and non-nerds alike.

Combining adorable fantasy illustrations and useful products, M.S. Illustration is the perfect spot not only for nerds of all ages, shapes, and sizes but for people who just love beautiful art and cool things.

A Boston area resident during non-school times of the year, M. Stock is currently a student at Lake Forest College in the Chicago area where she is a Presidential Scholar and a Durand Art Scholar. As a history major, M.’s understanding of the Medieval era and other periods helps to animate her original art work, much of which is then produced in the form of fantasy art based enamel pins, wood pins, prints, desk mats, mouse pads, coffee mugs and various clothing items including sweatshirts, sweatpants, baseball caps, t shirts, boots and other items that appeal to both gamers and people who appreciate colorful and charming art.

Gifts for gamers (and everyone else) with a unique style.

M. Stock of M.S. Illustration creates distinctive artwork, designs and products for people with various interests in art. With some products by a gamer for gamers, and other art based items that appeal to many people who just appreciate excellent art, M. Stock has a unique style not found elsewhere and with products to delight all ages.

All  artwork is hand drawn by an independent illustrator

All our products are handmade by the best artisans

M.S. Illustration is run by a freelance illustrator and historian, M. Stock, who combines their love of gaming with a variety of art mediums to create cute and sophisticated fantasy artwork.

Meet the artist behind the screen

Meet the artist behind the most unique products

As a  Boston based artist, M.S. Illustration exhibits at a variety of events including farmers markets, craft fairs, and conventions throughout the year, and can be found online anytime.